Greek Delight Traditional – Little Melina (mit Thymianhonig)

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Köstliche Loukoumi-Würfel verfeinert mit Thymian-Honig von Bariamis.

Zutaten: Zutaten:
Zucker, Wasser, Maisstärke, Thymian-Honig, Glukosesirup (enthält SULFITE), Säureregulator: Zitronensäure.


Über Biaramis:

The Bariamis Company is a family business that produces handmade traditional sweets. The production laboratory is housed in our own premises, in Agrinio. The high standards and of course the strict hygiene rules ensure the quality and safety of our products.

The „secret recipe“ of the Bariamis sweet products depends on our high experience and passion to keep our tradition. Our products are produced with natural ingredients of high quality, personally selected in order to meet the high culinary demands of the modern consumer.

Developing steadily but still remaining faithful to the family tradition, we open new routes for our gourmet products, both within and outside of Greece.

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